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More Enjoyable, Better Sex With Personal Lubricants

There are many different brands of lubes in Singapore - Durex, KY Jelly, Okamoto etc. Knowing which to choose can be a daunting task because there can be so many types of personal lubes that treat vaginal dryness. While it seems that there are many different kinds of lube, there are really only a few basic types of vaginal lube. The most common type of lube are water-based lubricants. KY Jelly and most of the other lubes on our site are usually safe to use with with condoms, and other silicone toys, and perhaps one of the easiest to clean up. 

Silicone-based lubricants are generally more long-lasting than water based ones. Silicone-based lubricants are perfect for those who love to have sex in the bathtub or in the shower because they don't 'dry' out as easily was water-based lubricants.The downside of it is that they can be a tad bit harder to wash off. So if you and your significant other are into having sex underwater or in the shower, investing in a bottle of silicone lube such as the Eros Silicone Bodyglide might be the thing for you. Silicone lubes, unfortunately, are a little more expensive than other types of lubes. But don't worry, here at Lily Hush we keep the prices low so that you can enjoy whatever type of lubricants that suit you. If you're after something that's in between, do check out Sliquid Silk, which is a silicone-water based hybrid lube. 

Oil-based lubes are great for hand jobs, or a good ole nuru massage from your partner. Unfortunately, oil based lubes tend to break down condoms and we generally do not recommended using oil-lubes internally because it's not only difficult for the body to flush them out but it could potentially break down your condoms. So stick with the ones we have on site or head down to your local pharmacy and get some KY Jelly for personal lubrication!

Men looking to last longer in bed can consider our delay and prolong range of sprays. These are made of the highest quality ingredients imported directly from North America & Europe. For the ladies, we also have a range of clitorial stimulating and tightening gels and lubes. Massage oils and warming lubricants are the perfect ingredients for a sensual and relaxing night. And finally, for anal enthusiasts, do check out our anal lubes designed for to ease backdoor entry. We sell a range of well known and world's trusted brands including Eros (Germany), Pjur (Germany), & LELO (Sweden). If you are after certified organic lubricants, do check out our Sliquid (USA) and Intimate Organics (Canada) range.