2015 Christmas Opening Hours

2015 Christmas Opening Hours

Dear Customers,

2015 has been an absolutely fantastic year for us and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support. It is our core belief that couples who play together, stay together. And with your help, we are one step closer to making bedrooms in Singapore and across the region even kinkier, saucier, and sexier. As we come towards the close of 2015, we would like to take the opportunity to give our friends, colleagues and partners a well-deserved break and some time to connect with family and friends.

Hence, we will be closed over this holiday period from 19 December 2015 to 28 December 2015, with operations resuming on 29 December 2015. Kindly ensure that your order is submitted to us by 18 December 2015, 4pm to allow your warehouse to pick, pack and process the order. All orders placed after this date will only be shipped out on 29 December 2015.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may 2016 shower you with lots of happiness, love and sex!


Lily Hush Team