Tenga 3D Male Masturbator (Pile)

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The Tenga 3D Pile Masturbator's texture is made up of 100 individual triangles and is one of the most intensely stimulating male masturbators. 

This Tenga 3D stroker is made from antibacterial elastomer material and is textured with a geometric mash of triangles, offering pinpoint stimulation of your entire length. 

Turn it inside out so the texture is on the inside, apply some water-based lube and enjoy incredible sensations from the moment you slip inside.

The stretch material and intense texture really ramps up the experience, ensuring that every one of your most sensitive spots receives lashings of attention.

The Tenga 3D series is a new concept in masturbation sleeves. Tenga built the 3D around the concept of reversibility, with the idea that textures should not be hidden. 

Storage & Care Instructions

Tenga 3D male masturbators comes mounted in its own display case and stand with the internal texture facing outwards. Placing the sleeve back onto the stand after washing allows airflow to reach the canal, preventing the build-up of bacteria, while the plastic casing prevents the build-up of dust.