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Fun Factory Bendybeads Flexible Anal Beads (Violet)

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Color: Purple
Length: 10.2
Material: Silicone
Gender: Male
Gender: Female

Fun Factory Bendy Beads is an exciting premium toy with an elegant design for lovers of anal pleasures. The elastic anal beads chain is made of elliptic shaped elements of varying sizes, which can be inserted and removed one by one for passionate stimulation. Bendybeads is a flexible, but firm anal chain and is made of premium medical grade silicone that is 100% gentle to the body. 

Key Features

  • Smooth, velvety silicone texture
  • Designed to have a "Royal Curl" at the base of the chain for easy retrieval
  • Pleasantly stimulating row of balls
  • Soft flexibility, combined with the necessary firmness
  • Firmer, more stable than the Flexi Felix
  • Length: 10.2" (length), 1.3" (circumference)

About Fun Factory

Fun Factory® stands for esthetic erotic toys made of high-quality and skin-friendly material.  A perfect in form and design and a harmonious appearance, combined with a convincing functionality lead to the uniqueness of Fun Factory® products.  Superior quality. Made in Germany!