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Tenga Vacuum Controller Set

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Brand: Tenga
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Type: Reusable
Color: Black
Material: Elastomer
Opening: Discreet
Features: Auto-Suction

Special Offer

  • For a limited time only, get a free Tenga Original Vacuum Cup (Ultra) with every purchase of the Tenga Vacuum Controller! 


  • TENGA's Vacuum Controller is designed to manipulate air flow inside the Tenga Air Tech and Tenga Vacuum Cup series allowing you to decide if you want to have a tight or loose experience at your fingertips!
  • It's extremely easy to operate you can manipulate vacuum pressure inside TENGA CUP Series items through a simple button-press!
  • With the Tenga Vacuum Controller, you can now experience suction on command! 
  • Batteries not included.


TENGA's Vacuum Controller is compatible with the following products:

  • Tenga Air Tech Gentle
  • Tenga Air Tech Regular
  • Tenga Air Tech Strong
  • Tenga Air Tech Ultra
  • Tenga Original Vacuum Cup (Ultra)